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    Forced Trajectory Project serves as a storytelling platform for families impacted by police violence, and sometimes that is implemented in the form of speaking panels. The following are recorded talks, panels and presentations from various events and conferences.

    It Takes a Village Recap at the Eaton Workshop

    After a long weekend of laughter, crying, creating and healing, Marion Gray-Hopkins along with Gina Best, Sheila Banks, Earl Lewis and Denver Terrance, all family members who have lost loved ones to police homicide, join DJ Oja Vincent, the Co-Founder of Forced Trajectory Project at the Eaton Workshop for a recap of the event, "It Takes A Village," commemorating the young life of Gary Hopkins, Jr. Filmed on October 27, 2019. Running time: 39 min, 9 sec.

    NACOLE Regional Series: Navigating California's New Transparency Laws

    Cephus "Uncle Bobby X" Johnson, uncle of Oscar Grant, co-founder of Love Not Blood Campaign and Families United 4 Justice, gives a historic speech at the National Association for Civilian Oversight of Law Enforcement Regional Series panel, "Navigating California's New Transparency Laws." Michael Rains, the attorney who defended BART officer Johannes Mehserle who killed Oscar Grant, was also seated at the panel and had introduced himself prior to this speech.

    Running time: 22 min, 33 sec

    Detroit Families Speak Out

    On October 6th, 2017, two Detroit families affected by police violence participated on a panel at the LINC Empowered Communities Conference. Listen to Yolanda McNair, mother of 24 year old Adaisha Miller, shot and killed by Detroit Police and Mertilla Jones, grandmother of 7- year old police homicide victim Aiyana Stanley Jones, shot and killed by Detroit Police.

    FTP: Narratives of Police Violence,

    Screening & Panel

    The following is a panel featuring Cephus "Uncle Bobby" Johnson, Uncle of Oscar Grant, and Jacqueline Lawrence, Mother of Keith Childress, Jr., at an FTP Screening & Panel hosted by the Black Graduate Student Association and the UNLV Center for Social Justice at University of Nevada-Las Vegas on December 6, 2016 in Las Vegas, NV. Running time: 44 min, 5 sec

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