narratives of police violence

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    Last summer the Forced Trajectory Project worked with Families United 4 Justice Las Vegas to generate forty demands for the Nevada State legislature in regards to transforming policing in the interest of public safety, truth, and justice. You can download a list of the demands by clicking on the button above.

    This video was produced to highlight families impacted by police violence, especially those in Las Vegas. It was first aired for the Mass Liberation Project's Power of Justice 2: Balancing the Bench event on October 20, 2020, and then aired again for October 22nd Coalition's 25th National Day of Protest to Stop Police Brutality, Repression and the Criminalization of a Generation, on October 22, 2020.


    Nina Fechner "Strange Fruit"

    Song by Abel Meeropol

    Musical Interpretation by Bananasvsthepeople

    Forced Trajectory Project Directors: Nissa Tzun & Oja Vincent


    All archival photos and footage used with permission from the families.


    Featuring Families United 4 Justice Las Vegas Members and Stolen Lives:

    Nasha Myart & Nina Fechner, Aunts of Sacramento police homicide victim Stephon Clark

    Trinita Farmer, Mother of Las Vegas Metropolitan police homicide victim Tashii Brown

    Petra Wilson, Widow of Las Vegas Metropolitan police homicide victim Rex Wilson

    Alma Chavez, Mother of Las Vegas Metropolitan police homicide victim Rafael Olivas

    Teena Acree, Niece of Las Vegas Metropolitan police homicide victim Byron Williams

    The family of Las Vegas Metropolitan police homicide victim Jorge Gomez



  • Texas After Violence Project

    The Texas After Violence Project (TAVP) is a community-based archive and documentary project cultivating deeper understandings of the impacts of state-sanctioned violence on individuals, families, and communities. Our mission is to conduct responsible, inclusive, and ethical research, and to build an archive of stories and other materials that shift narrative power to marginalized and oppressed communities and promote restorative and transformative justice.


    TAVP has been serving as Forced Trajectory Project's fiscal sponsor since 2016.

    My Scars Are Beautiful

    My Scars Are Beautiful is a Nevada 501 (c)(3) non-profit organization dedicated to supporting women, men and children who have been physically and emotionally scarred from traumatic experiences. We help individuals to overcome their trauma through our projects, programs and services rendered with the utmost compassion, understanding and love. Since 2016, we have been providing a variety of services for all scars, inside and out.


    My Scars Are Beautiful is a partner of the Forced Trajectory Project, providing counseling and peer support services for our directly impacted group, Families United 4 Justice Las Vegas.

    Remember Their Voices

    Remember Their Voices is a New York-based non-profit organization dedicated to addressing injustices against BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, and People of Color) and those in marginalized communities, with a primary focus on cases of police violence. RTV identifies victims of police violence and highlights their stories in media to ensure their voices are never forgotten, assists their families through fundraisers geared towards their immediate needs, raises awareness around BIPOC history and discourse relating to social movements, and provides informational resources.

    Remember Their Voices also partners with organizations to address other inequalities existing in other facets of society; for example, in healthcare. RTV began with a focus on localities in the United States and works towards spreading its reach to a global audience, where we can spark discussion and informed awareness around ongoing injustices worldwide.


    Remember Their Voices is a partner of the Forced Trajectory Project.

    Nevada Humanities

    Nevada Humanities produces and supports humanities-based educational and cultural programs that articulate the Nevada experience, feature local culture and heritage, and facilitate the investigation of ideas that matter to the people of Nevada and their communities.  


    Forced Trajectory Project is a recipient of the 2021 Nevada Humanities Project Grant.


    Resist is a foundation that supports people’s movements for justice and liberation. We redistribute resources back to frontline communities at the forefront of change while amplifying their stories of building a better world.


    Forced Trajectory Project has been a recipient of the Resist General Support Grant since 2018.


    The Awesome Foundation

    The Awesome Foundation is a global community advancing the interest of awesome in the universe, $1000 at a time.


    Each fully autonomous chapter supports awesome projects through micro-grants, usually given out monthly. These micro-grants, $1000 or the local equivalent, come out of pockets of the chapter's "trustees" and are given on a no-strings-attached basis to people and groups working on awesome projects.


    The Forced Trajectory Project was a recipient of the 2020 Awesome Without Borders Grant.


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