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    FTP Contributors

    Currently we are accepting applications from outside multimedia journalists who report on policing in different areas of the globe. Police violence is a GLOBAL issue, and we want for our readers to be informed in their own regions, as well as being able to understand what is happening nationally and internationally. We are looking for contributing journalists, photographers and filmmakers. If you are reporting on policing issues and you'd like to work with us and publish on FTP, email us your portfolio including writing samples, photo samples and reel samples. *We are not currently accepting applications at this time.

    FTP Internship

    Since the top of 2018, FTP has been serving as an official internship for Journalism & Media Studies undergraduate students at UNLV. Interns learn how to become multimedia journalists specializing in primary source reporting, guerrilla media and academic research. Areas that our interns expand on include: photography, documentation, archiving, research, investigative journalism, videography, editing, production, community organizing and public relations. If you'd like to intern with us, fill out this form.  *We are not currently accepting applications at this time.

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    FTP staff and interns shoot a PSA to support fundraising for the 2nd Annual Families United 4 Justice National Network Gathering. June 6, 2018, Las Vegas, NV. Photo by Nissa Tzun

    On August 8, 2018, photojournalist Jordan O'Brien summarizes his involvement with Forced Trajectory Project and discusses the importance of immersion in journalism the at Hank Greenspun College of Urban Affairs, UNLV, Las Vegas, NV.

    FTP Media Lab

    FTP Media Lab is a program for frontline community members to take a more active role in telling their own narratives. Participants work with FTP members and editing staff, authoring their own stories, and receive publishing opportunities. Stories are published in the FTP Media Lab and News & Features sections of the website. FTP also provide trainings, workshops and presentations to directly impacted individuals, organizations and schools. If you are interested in learning more about FTP Media Lab, please email us.

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    Marion Gray-Hopkins, mother of police homicide victim, Gary Hopkins, Jr. monitors the video camera recording at the Informational Gathering for Impacted Georgia Families on October 13, 2018, Atlanta, GA. Marion is one of several impacted family members enrolled in FTP Media lab to acquire media skills for future publishing. Photo by Nissa Tzun