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    r e s i d u u m

    In 2018 we partnered with ChangeWire to produce RESIDUUM: a vignette docuseries covering police violence narratives coming out of the Las Vegas Valley.


    The series features families impacted by police homicide and police brutality survivors as they organize to fight for legislative, systemic and social change in Nevada.

    Residuum opening sequence. Published on April 11, 2018. Running Time: 1 min, 7 sec.

    Residuum: Episode 1, "Don't Shoot Me," features Amber Bustillos, the fiancee of Junior Lopez, who was gunned down in the early morning of April 6th, 2018, during a traffic stop. Amber and their friend Kimberly Gonzalez witnessed the shooting while they were inside the vehicle, but neither of them were thoroughly interviewed by the Force Investigations Team or mainstream media. This episode won FTP "Best Documentary," in the 2018 NSAEN Online Film Festival. Published on June 19, 2018. Running Time: 5 min, 27 sec.

    Residuum: Director's Commentary. This video provides context to the nationwide movement against police violence spearheaded by families impacted by police homicide. Published on March 29, 2019. Running Time: 2 min, 20 sec.

    Residuum: Episode 2, "No More Secrecy for Nevada Police,” features public testimonies by mothers who have lost loved ones to police homicide. SB242 is a bill, that if passed, will secure more power and secrecy for Nevada police. No on-duty police officer has been convicted for taking the life of a civilian in the state of Nevada in 30 years. Published April 30, 2019. Running Time: 10 min, 46 sec.

    Residuum, Episode 3: Waking up to an Ambien Nightmare, Part One steers away from our usual reporting of the impact of police homicide and turns the spotlight onto Terry Rogaczewski, who was shot at 21 times and hit 3 times by Las Vegas Metropolitan Police during an Ambien-induced sleepwalking incident the night of November 3, 2012. Rogaczewski survived to tell his own story. Part I of II. Published June 27, 2019. Running time: 14 min, 19 sec.

    Residuum, Episode 4: Waking up to an Ambien Nightmare, Part Two - Surviving a police shooting and years in prison, Terry Rogaczewski continues to fight for justice. After uncovering what really happened on the night he took an Ambien to get a good night's sleep, Terry shares his story of resilience and change. Part II of II. Published March 27, 2019. Running time: 15 min, 10 sec.