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the cat's in the cradle,

but you're so far away

- by Rebecca Gabrielle in collaboration with the Thomas McEniry family -

· WSTOF Exhibit

Rebecca Gabrielle

the cat’s in the cradle, but you’re so far away, 2021

Wood, Acrylic paint, Collected objects of Thomas McEniry including letters, a tablet with bullet hole, letters, urn, artwork by Thomas, and photographs

34” x 30”

Photos and video by Nissa Tzun

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This reliquary holds items collected and provided by Thomas McEniry’s mother, Carol Luke. A father, brother, and son, Thomas was a cheerful and humorous Las Vegas resident who loved olives and Butterfingers. His life was stolen on the evening of November 24, 2015 by the Las Vegas Metro Police during which Thomas was suffering from a mental health incident. L.J., Thomas’s sister describes the aggressive response of the police interaction in a FTP recent press conference, “They were too busy criminalizing him to stop and ask why he was crying.” Thomas was shot eight times by the police after he was cornered and crying on his knees in reaction to an unusual traffic stop. Thomas McEniry’s family advocates for the state, city, and LVMPD to address the mental health crisis of our residents.

Pan shot of the installation, "the cat's in the cradle, but you're so far away."