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Say My Name

- by Diane Bush -

· WSTOF Exhibit

Cover photo: Jeff Scheid

Video pan of the Say my Name cloth banners.

Diane Bush

Say my Name, 2021 Fabric, thread, and rope 10 x 312 inches


Created in collaboration with members of Families United 4 Justice Las Vegas, Say My Name is a memoriam for their loved ones that were killed by the police.


As a member of the Social Justice Sewing Academy, Las Vegas-based Photographer Diane Bush has been periodically embroidering squares for a national effort to address a variety of social justice issues. Bush created the finished squares in a banner format so that they may be used in the future by Families United 4 Justice Las Vegas. Each participating family provided the artist with a favorite set of colors to represent their stolen loved one. Bush’s banner is reminiscent of Buddhist prayer flags, which are traditionally used to promote peace, compassion, wisdom and strength. As you read each name or say them aloud, please remember to have compassion for the families who are left with a void they cannot fill; seek wisdom in their fight for justice; send them strength as they fight an endless fight; and wish them peace in their pursuit of justice. Say Their Name.