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The unmet American Dream

-The Cesar Gonzalez story by Milu Gonzalez-

· WSTOF Exhibit

Milu Gonzalez is the younger sister of Cesar Gonzalez. Cesar’s life was stolen by California Highway Patrol in Barstow, CA, in the Fall of 2007. We are fortunate to have the opportunity to hear this story directly in the medium of sound as a part of the Water Slipping Through Our Fingers exhibit. As a drummer and storyteller, Milu will be sharing her experience through her craft. Through memories and emotions, facts and reality, and in the context of her family’s journey: one who believed in the American dream promised to so many, instead having to face the nightmare of the loss of a loved one at the hands of the police. In her own words, accompanied by her musical interpretation mixed by Oja Vincent, listen to the story of Cesar Gonzalez.

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Milu Gonzalez, sister of Cesar Gonzalez who was killed by California Highway Patrol in the Fall of 2007, speaks out at the Families Are The Frontline rally, June 6, 2020. Las Vegas, NV. Photo by Nissa Tzun, Forced Trajectory Project