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Breaking bread for the cause

The community of Junior David Lopez successfully raise their fundraising goal

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Reporting and Photos: Nissa Tzun

The community of Junior Lopez organized a food sale on Friday, April 13, to contribute to the funeral costs. North Las Vegas, NV.

NORTH LAS VEGAS - On Friday, April 13th, the Latino community showed their solidarity for Junior Lopez, the young man who was shot and killed by Las Vegas Metropolitan Police during a traffic stop on the morning of April 6th. Friends of the Junior Lopez family, sisters Dina and Jasmine Solis organized a full day food sale to support with Junior's funeral costs. By the afternoon the community had raised enough for the funeral costs and the Gofundme fundraiser was ended.

Around 250 people came to buy food to support Junior Lopez' funeral costs. North Las Vegas, NV.

According to Dina's husband, Ancelmo Solis, at least 250 people came throughout the day to buy food and donate to Junior's funeral costs. Neighbors and friends to both families came, but many people that showed support were strangers and had heard about what happened to Junior in the community and through the media. Some people came just to donate and didn't buy food. Some also came and donated gift baskets for future fundraising efforts. The most surprising gift was from strangers who came and delivered three poster sized photographs of Junior to his mother Brenda Martinez, who accepted the photos with gratitude.

Volunteers cooked and sold food for Junior Lopez' funeral fund from 10AM to 10PM. North Las Vegas, NV.

The funeral of Junior Lopez will be this Sunday, April 15th. He will be buried at Woodlawn Cemetery.

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