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Acts of solidarity

A plant-based education program links with the anti-police brutality movement

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Reporting and Photos: Nissa Tzun

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Jodi Paige of Virgin Cheese gives her "Ditchin' Dairy" demo at the Bronze Cafe, downtown Las Vegas. March 5 2018, Las Vegas, NV

Las Vegas, NV - A plant-based education program called Peace Begins On Your Plate organizes a monthly plant-based workshop on the first Monday of every month called the Plant-Powered Lifestyle Series. The workshops are hosted by Bronze Cafe at the Market, located in downtown Las Vegas. Ticket sales run from $10-$20, and a portion of the funds are donated to charity organizations. This month's donations will go directly to Families United 4 Justice, a growing, nationwide collective of families impacted by police violence which was established in 2014 by the late Cynthia Howell, niece of police murder victim, Alberta Spruill of Harlem, NY, and Cephus "Uncle Bobby X" Johnson, uncle of police murder victim, Oscar Grant of Oakland, CA. Currently, Families United 4 Justice is raising funds to support families nationwide to attend the 2nd Annual National Network Gathering which will be held in Oakland, CA at the end of June.

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Families impacted by police violence and supporters pose in this group photo at the 1st Annual Families United 4 Justice National Network Gathering at the Allied Media Conference at Wayne State University. Families United 4 Justice is a growing, nationwide collective of families impacted by police violence formed in 2014. June 15 2017, Detroit, MI

Acts of solidarity such as what Peace Begins On Your Plate is doing are essential for marginalized movements such as anti-police brutality. Despite the nationwide media attention on police violence over the last three decades, the impact of police violence on families and communities has hardly been unpacked and treated. Like divestment campaigns such as the BDS Movement to boycott corporations that support the continued colonization of Palestine, and the grape boycott by United Farm Workers spearheaded by civil rights activists Dolores Huerta and Cesar Chavez (which concluded with higher pay for farm workers), solidarity actions of fundraising and divesting can be effective in social change.

Ditchin' Dairy Demo highlights video. Video by ACD Media Studios

This month's workshop is called, "Gettin' Raw & Saucy," and will be hosted by Alternative Junkie's Heidi Roy and Solidarite Kitchen's Nissa Tzun. Heidi will show the audience how to make easy, delicious plant-based sauces and Nissa will demonstrate how to make tasty raw vegan treats and meals. To reserve your spot, please get your tickets here: To donate to Families United 4 Justice, please click here.

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Flyer for May 7th's workshop. Flyer design by Heidi Roy