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4 Ronnie: He was by far that one

- Jeff Scheid, Erica Vital-Lazare and Teena Acree -

· WSTOF Exhibit
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Jeff Scheid and Erica Vital-Lazare

4 Ronnie: He was By Far That One, December 30, 2020

Black and white archival inkjet print with narrative board on foamcore 36 x 35 inches; overall

4 Ronnie: He Was By Far That One is a photo-narrative glimpse into the life of Bryon Williams through the eyes of those who loved him, as his niece, Teena Acree, stands on the grounds of the site where on September 5, 2019, Williams was chased by Las Vegas Metropolitan police for riding a bicycle without an operable light. Williams was subdued and held to the ground with an officer’s knee on his back.

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Teena Acree, niece of Byron Williams, shares memories of her uncle, and how his death has impacted her family.

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Marcia Wells, niece of Byron Williams, joins other members of Families United 4 Justice Las Vegas - a local group of police brutality survivors and police homicide survivors - in downtown Las Vegas to protest the police murder of George Floyd. Byron Williams was “cycling while Black,” when he was apprehended for allegedly not having a safety light on his bicycle in the early morning of September 5, 2019. Despite surrendering and being unarmed, the interaction caused him to lose his life. May 30, 2020, Las Vegas, NV. Photo by Nissa Tzun, Forced Trajectory Project.