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Families of Las Vegas Police Murder Convene for the First Time

at the 2nd Annual Las Vegas March to Reclaim King's Legacy

Families impacted by police murder committed by the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police convened today at the Dr. Martin Luther King Statue in North Las Vegas, to be a part of an All Shades United rally & march to reclaim Dr. King's legacy.

This marks the first time these families have come together.

Pictured here from left to right: Trinita Farmer, mother of Tashii Farmer Brown (killed by Officer Kenneth Lopera, Las Vegas Metropolitan Police, on May 14, 2017, at the Venetian Hotel & Casino), Petra Gonzalez, widow of Rex Wilson (killed by Las Vegas Metropolitan Police on October 12, 2016), Makaila Steagall, niece of Keith Childress, Jr. (killed by Las Vegas Metropolitan Police on December 31, 2015), and Jacqueline Lawrence, mother of Keith Childress, Jr.

In this photo and video: Makaila shares with the rally a speech she wrote about her uncle, what happened to him, and assures the crowd that her family will continue to fight for justice.

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