• Briana Ojeda

    of Brooklyn, New York

    died August 27, 2010

    Michael and Carmen Ojeda, parents of Briana Ojeda, speak at a press conference held in Albany for the passing of Briana's Law.


    Running time: 4 min, 17 sec

    11-year old Briana Ojeda suffered an asthma attack on August 27th, 2010. Her mother, Carmen Ojeda was on her way with Briana to the hospital when she was apprehended by Officer Alfonso Mendez, who she pleaded for help for her daughter's condition. Not only did Mendez refuse to provide CPR, he proceeded to arrest her for a traffic violation. In the midst of this, little Briana passed away. Briana's Law - which is asking for police officers to receive continual CPR/First Aid training is a law that has just been approved locally, and now the family is pursuing state-wide legislation.


    Filmed on June 12, 2012 in Albany, New York.

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