• Kenny Lazo of Bay Shore, New York

    Killed on April 12, 2008

    Kenny Lazo, 24, was pulled over for going 8 miles over the speed limit and subsequently beaten to death with flashlights by a gang of 5 Suffolk County police officers.  This film follows the story of Jennifer Gonzalez, Kenny's partner and mother of his son, and her path since his police killing. 


    Running time:  9 min, 53 sec

    Since Kenny's death, Jennifer has become a pillar in the Long Island community for residents who have experienced police violence. In 2010, Jennifer helped establish the Justice for Kenny Coalition, a Long Island-based anti-police brutality coalition that utilizes art and hip hop as a method to organize and raise awareness of the rampant police brutality locally and nationwide. Currently the Lazo family has a pending wrongful death civil lawsuit filed against Suffolk County Police Department.  


    filmed in January, 2013, in Brentwood, New York.

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